Hot new menu items at McD's, Burger King

Don't Wate Your Money

The fast food wars are heating up.

Facing stagnant sales in recent years, and fierce competition from casual dining chains like Chipotle and Panera, McDonald's and Burger king are adding new menu items this fall.

Whether the new items will boost business remains to be seen.  Will the lunch crowd really want a burger stuffed with French Fries?

New at McDonald's

McDonalds, after years of testing, will finally roll out "Mighty Wings" on September 9th.  As the name implies, they are Mc-chicken wings.

They will come in 3 ,5, and 10 packs, according to the company, with a choice of sauces.

What most people are waiting to see is how different they are from Chicken McNuggets. 

McDonald's however, promises they are the real thing and not just nuggets shaped like birds.

New at BK

Burger King is trying to drum up sales with a French Fry Burger for $1.  Starting in early September, the chain will offer a cheeseburger with four french fries on top.

Analysts say this comes in response to McDonald's beefing up its Dollar Menu, now offering a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger and a bigger McDouble.

The French Fry Burger should be heavenly for people who like stuffing their mouth with burger and fries at the same time.  Cheapskates may like it as well:  for just $1 you get burger and fries. 

Heck, you could remove the fries from the burger, put them on a napkin, and call it a "meal." For a dollar.

As always, don't waste your money.


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