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Don't Waste Your Money

Black Friday is now Thursday.

And millions of Americans are cutting short their their Thanksgiving dinner to wait in line for a new TV, tablet, or toy.

But with the exception of a few doorbusters, you don't have to ruin Thanksgiving to get the best deals on gadgets.

Savings Blogger Spending Thanksgiving with Family

Andrea Deckard is a nationally known savings blogger, and on her website she gives hundreds of tips for saving money.

But this may come as a surprise: she refuses to shop this year's early Black Friday.  

Is she going to spend Thanksgiving in line?  "No, absolutely not," she said.

But Deckard says she really won't miss that much.

What Will You MIss?
For instance, one of the hottest Thanksgiving day sales is Walmart's free $100 gift card if you buy an iPad Mini.  Target, Meijer, and other stores also plan to give out iPad gift cards (they are not allowed to discount the new model).

But she says you'll get close to the same discount later, perhaps a $50 or $75 gift card. Deckard says her family time is worth more than that on Thanksgiving Day.

"It's not something I am willing to wait in line on Thanksgiving for, and I do imagine they are going to have something like that leading up to Christmas."

The website Deal agrees, and says the Sunday after Black Friday, and the following weekend, offer gadget prices almost as low. 

Deal News also says Black Friday weekend is not the best time to find great prices on name brand TV's like Panasonic and Samsung.  Most markdowns, it says, are on "off brand" TV's.

"Historically over the past couple of years, as I have been watching this closely," Deckard said, "we're going to see tons of great deals leading up to Christmas."

In addition, Deckard and Deal News both say the lowest clothing prices are actually the week before Christmas, when stores slash prices on sweaters and other winter clothing.

Apps to Help You Save

To find the best deals, Deckard's smartphone is loaded with savings apps, among them:

     -Price comparison apps like Red Laser 

     -Seasonal Black Friday apps like

     -Store apps like Target's Cartwheel.

      -For grocery savings, her newest app of choice is Favado.

In addition, she says watch, which will match many of the best gadget deals at other stores.

"Amazon is doing somehting really cool this year, they are price matching some of the deals you see in the stores. So if you do'nt want to go to the store to pick it up, Amazon in many cases will match that price online, you are going to get free shipping and get it delivered right to your door."

No Deals on Hot New Game Consoles

The only gadgets she says you should have to wait in line for should be the new PS4 and XBox One. And don't expect deals.

But  Deckard says prices will come down on older game consoles, such as the XBox 360, right until Christmas.

So this savings mom is now shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, and planning to spend it at home with her family.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line:  You will have plenty of opportunities between now and Christmas eve to grab a deal on a TV, tablet, or other gadget.

And some items will be at their lowest price point the week before Christmas.

That way you don't miss Thanksgiving dinner, and you don't waste your money.

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