Great, cheap antennas to watch free TV

Don't Waste Your Money

Guy Harnett installs TV antennas for the growing number of people who are tired of paying for dozens of cable channels they never watch.

"People want antennas to reduce on their cable bills, reduce on their satellite bills," Harnett said.

Indoor Antennas Better Than Ever

The type of antenna Harnett installs goes on your roof and offers the best reception.

But our partners at Consumer Reports Magazine say indoor antennas are cheaper and easier to install.

You'll get WCPO 9 on Your Side plus our Weather Tracker channel, and about 15 other local channels and subchannels, assuming your house is not behind a big hill that blocks Cincinnati.

Claudio Ciacci of Consumer Reports said "what you can get from these antennas are the local broadcast channels like CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC. But what you won't get from this are the major cable channels, like ESPN, TLC, etc."
Some antennas have a classic rabbit ears look, while others are super-sleek, with flat designs so you can attach it to a window or hide it behind your TV.

Consumer Reports just tested them, and found a high price does not mean better reception.

The Best For Less

Two of the best were among the least expensive.

    RadioShack 15-254 for $35.  Best of all, it has a 30-day return policy, in case  you find it doesn't work in your house.

    RCA 1650, at just $32 Just make sure the store will let you return it if you have no reception.

For Consumer Reports complete listings of HDTV antennas, click here or go to

As always, don't waste your money.


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