Gas prices take surprise jump to $3.59

Don't Waste Your Money

Just when Iran's threats of blocking Middle East oil had subsided and oil prices were beginning to drop, Cincinnati-area gas prices are taking an unexpected big jump.

9 News viewers have been sending in photos showing the new price at gas stations from Colerain Township to Mason and Norwood:  $3.59 a gallon for regular. I say "doesn't that stink?"

Gas prices are moving up from $3.35 or lower, with no correlating jump in crude oil prices, which closed Thursday at $100, the same price it has been for several days.

Station managers, who say they have to raise prices based on emails from their corporate headquarters, say all they can guess is that the upcoming holiday weekend and forecasted cold weather had an impact on the decision.

But oil analysts say get used to higher prices. As demand jumps this spring and refineries have to switch to more expensive "summer fuel," expect gas prices to soar past $4 in a few months.

As always don't waste your money.

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