Gas prices rising again for New Year's

Don't Waste Your Money

Just as drivers in the Cincinnati area were enjoying the lowest gas prices in a year, below $3 a gallon in many areas, local gas stations are raising prices for the second time this holiday week.

Cincinnati and northern Ohio Speedway gas stations last Thursday raised their prices back up to $3.25 for the holiday weekend. Speedway, as the largest gasoline retailer in Ohio, typically sets prices for the state.

The jump comes despite no jump in gasoline futures or oil prices, only the arrival of a busy travel week.

Now, with a winter storm hitting the Tri-State and a blizzard in northern Indiana (where Cincinnati gets most of its gas), prices are jumping again to $3.39 at many stations. Snowstorms can slow delivery trucks, which leads to shorter supplies at the pump.

Jumps like this typically happen before long holiday weekends, when oil companies expect a surge in demand.  

All you can do is thank your lucky stars if you got to fill up for $2.75 last week,

As always don't waste your money.

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