Consumer Reports: Best buys in Windows 8 laptops

Don't Waste Your Money

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft's new operating system, a wave of laptops has hit store shelves just in time for Christmas.

They all feature windows' bold new design. But should you buy, or stick with tried and true Windows 7?

Test of Newest Laptops

Our partners at Consumer Reports Magazine just tested and rated dozens of new Windows 8 laptops.  

Paul Reynolds of Consumer Reports said "all the new laptops take advantage of Windows 8's tablet-like features, most notably the tiles that allow you to display live content or reach apps easily."    

The magazine found some big advantages of Windows 8:  Several laptops now actually turn into a tablet. Testers say these convertible computers are lightweight for laptops, but fairly heavy for a tablet.  

Other laptops are offering touch screens, where you simply tap a tile to open a program.    

Reynolds said "in our tests we found that using a laptop with a touch screen is the best way to experience what's different and most appealing about Windows 8."   

Top Picks

One touch-screen-enabled laptop consumer reports recommends:

    - Samsung's 13-inch Ultrabook, $850.    

Too expensive? You'll save money if you get a traditional laptop with  no touch screen.

Consumer reports named two non-touch-screen laptops Best Buys:

    -Acer's 15-inch Ultrabook, $600

    -Sony's 13-inch Vaio Ultrabook, $700

Bottom line:  Consumer Reports says Windows 8 is here to stay, so its new line of laptops is well worth considering.

As always don't waste your money.

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