Coby electronics warranties now worthless

Don't Waste Your Money

Can't afford a $500 iPad? That's where Android tablets come in.

Cheap tablets appealing are appealing but there are problems.

Stephanie Pence bought her daughter a $75 Coby tablet last Christmas: A great deal, until her daughter started using it.

"We noticed the speaker was busted on this, it made a crackling noise," Pence said.

Pamela Givens bought an $80 dollar Coby tablet earlier this year.  But she, too, had issues.

"I had it for two or three weeks," she said, "And it wouldn't hold a charge."

Givens called Coby, which told he to ship it back, along with a $15 processing fee.

"I contacted Coby electronics, that's what they told me to do," she said.

 But a couple of months went by and nothing came from returning the tablet.

Givens then decided to call Coby again, only to find the phone number disconnected. Coby's website was just a blank page.

Company closes without warning

It turns out thousands of buyers of Coby products are now out of luck if they have purchased any Coby item

This past summer, the company filed for bankruptcy and quietly closed their doors.

Another company is buying the Coby name, but not its liabilities or warranties.  

This is the same thing that happened with Polaroid and The Sharper Image a few years back. 

The company is actually a new company, with none of the same practices.

What you can do

We contacted the retailer -- hh gregg -- which agreed to help Givens.

And that may be your only option if you have a bad Coby product: Contact the store.  

Some customers report they are receiving store gift cards for their troubles.

hh gregg issued a statement saying:

"If someone requires assistance with a Coby Electronics product during the warranty period we encourage them to visit the store where the purchase was made and discuss a solution with an associate."

Meantime, Stephanie Pence says she's going to pay closer attention to cheap 'no-name' tablets from now on.

"I guess it's kind of a you get what you pay for," she said.

As always, don't waste your money.



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