Cobalt, Saturn owners anxious for repair

Don't Waste Your Money

Good news for owners of more than one million GM cars that are part of the ignition switch recall. The long wait will soon be over.

GM dealers have now begun receiving replacement parts for affected Chevys, Saturns, and Pontiacs.

But don't rush to the dealer yet, because it could still be a few weeks before they can get to everyone.

Car Has Stalled Out Twice

Rick Faulkner is nervous about driving his 2006 Saturn Ion.

"My car had actually done that twice, shut off, and by that second  time I realized there was something wrong," Faulkner said.

Even before he received the official GM recall notice, he suspected he had a problem with his ignition.

"There's a chuck hole on my street, a little rise in the hill, and if you hit that hole, it will shut the car off. You lose power, breaking everything."

He says he called some local GM dealers, but no one had replacement ignition switches yet.

One dealer offered a free loaner car....but he balked because they wanted a credit card. "They wanted a deposit on the gasoline, and I didn't feel like giving them my card number," he said.  

So he continues to drive his Saturn.

Cobalt Owner Still Waiting
Sheila Reiss, meantime, owns a Chevy Cobalt, and is nervously waiting for her dealer to get parts.

"We are still being told it would be about 2 and a half weeks before they receive parts,"  Reiss said.

Dealers tell us they want to get everyone's car repaired as quickly as possible. It's just a matter of getting the parts in and getting everyone scheduled.

Dealers Just Beginning to Get Parts.

GM dealers will install a new ignition switch and metal sleeve, which will prevent keys from turning off while driving.

But parts are just trickling in, meaning many drivers will have to wait a few more weeks.

In the meantime, Sheila Reiss says she is driving carefully, not putting anything heavy on her key ring, as GM has urged drivers to do.

As always, don't waste your money.


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