Cincinnati gas prices jump to $3.79

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CINCINNATI - Did you get to fill up your car's gas tank over the weekend for $3.49 or $3.39?  If not, it looks like you are not going to have the opportunity, at least not this week.

After two weeks of falling prices, gas prices are on the way up again in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region.

Big jump by Speedway

Speedway kicked off the price hike late Monday morning by raising the price at almost all its Southern Ohio stations to $3.79 for regular.

At many stations, this was a jump of 20 cents.  However, on Cincinnati's Westside the rise was even more dramatic:  the Speedway at Anderson Ferry and Neeb roads in Delhi Township went from $3.39 to $3.79, a 40 cent-rise in one morning.

The only reason for this: a slight rise in crude oil late last week, from $82 to $84 a barrel.  Still, $3.79 is historically too high a price based on $84 oil, so it would seem this is merely an attempt to bring prices back up.

However, if Kroger, Thornton's, and other independents don't follow Speedway up to $3.79, this price hike could be short lived.

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