Cincinnati gas prices falling below $3

Don't Waste Your Money

CINCINNATI - Good news about Cincinnati area gas prices: They are now dropping to their lowest price of the year in some areas, as prices head south for the winter.

Several 9 news viewers report filling up for $2.99 a gallon, while Gas Buddy reports a BP on Hamilton Avenue is down to $2.98.

A number of stations in the Mt Healthy and Pleasant Run area, including some Speedway stations, are now below $3 for regular, tying their lowest price for 2012.

Demand at Yearly Low

With so few people taking long trips in early December, AAA says gasoline supplies now exceed demand, even though some New Jersey refineries remain offline due to Hurricane Sandy.

Demand will spike briefly during Christmas week, however, so don't be surprised to see stations raise prices again for the holiday.

In addition, when prices have fallen quickly in the past, Speedway (Ohio's largest gasoline dealer) often raises them 25 cents just to "reset" them, even though there has been no change in oil prices or gasoline futures.  

So enjoy these lower prices while they last.

As always, don't waste your money.

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