Christmas? It's Valentine's Day at Kmart

Don't Waste Your Money

By now, just about everyone is familiar with the term "Christmas Creep," the trend where Christmas displays pop up earlier and earlier in stores every year, and now show up well before Halloween.

But Christmas is not the only holiday to start earlier every year.

Kmart Moving Ahead to Next February

Check out what some Kmart stores are setting up this week, according to the website The Consumerist.

The Consumerist has brand new photos of Valentine's Day displays in the stores, a full week before Christmas.

The displays include teddy bears, cuddly hearts, and other goodies to buy your loved one for Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2013.

Many Holidays Starting Earlier

Deal News. com says almost all holidays are starting earlier and earlier in stores.    

       -Black Friday now starts before Thanksgiving.

       -Christmas starts before Halloween.

       -After Christmas sales start Dec. 23.

       -And yes, Valentine's Day now starts before January  in some stores.

It's all about maximizing sales, by giving people the longest amount of time to make those holiday purchases. So don't be surprised to see the Easter Bunny start to show up on Jan. 2 in some malls.
As always don't waste your money.

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