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Black Friday shopping ads on Channel 9 mobile app to save time and money

Don't Waste Your Money

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Many of us are making our final plans for this Friday's shopping trip.

But unlike five years ago, instead of carrying bundles of ads, many of us will have our smartphones in hand.  And the smartest shoppers will have them loaded with shopping apps.

We've put more than 20 ads on our mobile sites so you can have them on your cellphone!

From Walmart to Toys R Us to Kohl's , we have you covered this Black Friday holiday shopping season.

Here's a snapshot of what it looks like...

All you have to do is open our app on your iPhone or Android cell and click on the Black Friday Ads folder on the main page.

Have an Android? Click here to download.

Have an iPhone? Click here to download.

Don't have our app but you do have an Internet-enabled phone? Type into your cell's browser and you'll have the ads too.

Or just study up now with our interactive online ad guide at .

Other Black Friday apps

Getting what you want on Black Friday comes down to strategy. Megan Fenno from has four smartphone apps that could save you time, and money.

Shop Savvy App

First up: the Shop Savvy app , which compares prices and finds you discounts for the products you scan with your phone.

Just scan the barcode, and Shop Savvy finds any coupons for the product, and tells you if it might be cheaper down the street, at Target or Walmart or wherever.

"It's great that it's all in one place. The retailer can scan your phone and get your discount. I've heard people save hundreds of dollars using this app," Fenno said.

With Shop Savvy you never need to worry that your great Black Friday deal is cheaper somewhere else.

Buzzilions for Comparing Products

Fenno also likes Buzzillions.

Interested in a doorbuster, but you've never heard of the brand? (Especially since many TV doorbuster deals are off-brand names).
Buzzillion has more than 17 million customer reviews, so you know if that TV is a deal or a dud.

You can read customer reviews on Amazon, of course, but Buzzillions offers more and makes it easier.

Specific Black Friday Apps

And if you're trying to get organized, and plan your day, take a look at the recently updated apps from and TGI Black Friday.

"Both help you organize your sales, organize the store you want to go to, and the list different products you want based upon the best price," Fenno said.

Plus, they list the best deals at every major store.

TGI Black Friday also has a sister app, TGICyber Monday for people who prefer to wait for the biggest online shopping day of the year and shop in front of their computer.
Just a few more ways you don't waste your holiday money.


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