Better Business Bureau warning Netflix customers of new phishing scam

Don't Waste Your Money

A dangerous new phishing scam is targeting the sensitive information of millions of Netflix users.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the scam comes in the form of a pop-up box when users log into their streaming accounts.

The pop-up tells you: "IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have detected unusual activity on this account. To protect your account from unauthorized use, we have temporarily suspended this username."

The message then directs you to dial a phone number and contact “Member Services” in order to regain access.

According to the BBB , the number is not connected to Netflix and traces to a foreign country.

Those who call the number are then connected to a fake “Netflix support staffer.” This “staffer” then tells you a hacker has infiltrated your computer.

The scammer will then connect you with a “Microsoft Certified Technician” to assist you with your hacking problem. As all this is going on, the scammers have downloaded any files of interest from your computer, sent you a bill for their services and even asked you to take a photo of your ID and credit card for “proof,” the BBB reports .  

Experts say if at any point during the call you refuse to provide the “support member” with the information they ask for, the call will end and the scammers may steal sensitive documents on your computer.

“Although seeing it all in writing may raise numerous red flags, people are more likely to fall for this scam when it actually happens to them,” the BBB wrote on its website. “Many people are willing to trust anyone who claims to be a computer support specialist or professional, without asking any questions.”

If you see this pop-up message, the BBB recommends you change your Netflix username and password immediately. If you use that same password for other websites, make sure to change those as well.

Fore more information, go to the BBB’s website.


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