Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5C price war: as low as $45

Don't Waste Your Money

So you're thinking of upgrading to one of the newer iPhones, but not sure you want to pay $100 for the 5C or $200 for the 5S?
Then you may be in luck, because a price war is now underway on the new iPhone 5C.

Best Buy, Walmart, and Radio Shack are all competing to offer the best deal on the new $99 plastic bodied phone.

Where the Deals Are

Best Buy is currently selling the 5C for $50, with 2 year contract. You will actually receive a Best Buy gift card for $50 when you purchase it.

Radio Shack is now charging $49 with a 2 year agreement. It is also giving the discount in the form of a gift card.

Walmart, not to be undercut, has lowered its price to $45.

Apple has not released exact 5C sales figures, but reports the discounts may be due to slower than expected sales.

 The top of the line iPhone 5S is seeing no such discounts.

Of course, you can get a 5C essentially free at the Apple store if you trade in an iPhone 4 or 4S.  They will even set up your new phone and switch over all your contracts.

With all these deals, you don't waste your money.

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