Angie's List: Should you sign up for car insurance monitoring?

Tracking your driving for discounts

You may be able to save money on your car insurance by letting your insurance company monitor your driving.

Our partners at Angie's List say more than a million drivers across the country are already taking part in these monitoring programs.

Lyndi Cook is one of them.

"Our next renewal coming up, we saved 10 percent on one vehicle and five percent on another," Cook said.

Consumer experts at Angie’s List say the majority of drivers enrolled save about 10 percent on their rates.

The catch: you agree to release information like mileage, when you drive and how hard you apply the brakes.

Generally, it's the large insurance providers that offer this service.

"I was a little leery when the program was first introduced to me,” Cook said. “But after researching it, and they sent us the Drivewise in the mail, I realized they don't do GPS tracking or anything like that. It literally just tracks what time of day you are driving, how fast you are accelerating and your brake speed."

Basically, the safer you drive, the bigger your discount. 

Allstate and Progressive track data through a device that plugs into the car under the dashboard. State Farm uses programs like OnStar to track basic driving stats.

"Technology has come to almost every part of our life and auto insurance is no difference,” Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks said. “If you have a safe driving record and you have good driving habits, you might consider an insurance company that gives discounts when they monitor your driving behavior through a tracking system."

Hicks said you might want to consider it for a teen driver.

But some drivers don’t want insurance companies knowing their driving habits.

Hicks said some people have concerns about privacy with programs like these.

If you have questions, talk with your insurance agent about how you could take part.


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