$330 Dyson versus $40 Swiffer: Which is better?

Don't Waste Your Money

CINCINNATI -- The new Dyson Hard promises to make cleanups a snap: It vacuums and wet wipes at the same time.

But it costs $290 more than the similar Swiffer Sweeper Vac from Procter & Gamble.

So is it really worth it?

Consumer Reports Magazine pitted the $330 Dyson against P&G’s $40 Swiffer to find out.

"They're supposed to make floor cleaning easier, and you can use them with wet pads or dry,” Consumer Reports’ Bob Markovich said. “We wanted to see how well these hybrid cleaning tools actually work."

To see which worked best, testers used the cleaners on some tough messes, including grape jelly, gravy, ketchup and mud.  

The Swiffer’s wet pads -- which you buy separately -- were better at picking up sticky kitchen spills than the Dyson's, which left some residue behind.

But the Dyson was better at vacuuming up heavy dust.

The Dyson also comes with a detachable hand vacuum, which proved great at cleaning up Cheerios.

The Swiffer, however, didn't have any problems with Cheerios either.

Final Opinion

Consumer Reports experts say the $40 Swiffer is a better deal than the $330 Dyson.

For more info, go to ConsumerReports.org .

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