Consumer Reports: Top chocolates for Valentine's Day

Yuck! It seems like every time I bite into a piece of chocolate from a gift box I end up with one of those waxy mystery chocolates that I wish I could put back.

To make sure you're not the person handing out the almost inedible $9 box of chocolate on Valentine's Day, Consumer Reports magazine taste-tested 30 boxes of chocolate to take the guess work out of it.

According to the new report, the latest trend in holiday confections is exotic candies, such as the champagne truffles covered in rose petals made by Vosges .

These delicious treats don't come cheap though. The Exotic Truffle Collection by Vosges costs $40 a box, which is nothing when compared to the $90 collection of chocolates from Woodhouse . Both received high ratings and live up to the rich price tag.

Godiva and See's Famous are two of the mid-priced brands Consumer Reports recommends. They both come with high ratings and are considerably less expensive than the top-tier candies.

While they might be delicious, the higher priced chocolates might not be worth it for everyone.

For those people who want something tasty and affordable, the magazine recommends the Ferrero Collection Fine Assorted Confections. At just $11 a box and available almost anywhere, even drugstores, it's a pretty sweet deal.

For a complete list of the candy reviews click on the following link: .

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