Butler County authorities warn of scam targeting residents

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio -- Butler County authorities are investigating a scam they say is targeting local elderly residents.

Detectives said one “lucky target” in the county was told he had won a new Mercedes vehicle and $3.5 million in cash – but in order to obtain these prizes, he had to pay the taxes on the vehicle.

When the victim did not provide the scammer with personal information, police said he was hit with several other “high-pressure phone tactics.”

The scammer tried to convince the victim he needed to purchase some pre-paid phones and about $4,000 of pre-paid debit cards, all of which were mailed to a Florida address. 

Officers said the scammer also told the victim he would be sending a taxi to his house to check up on him. 

About two weeks later, police said a taxi arrived at the victim’s house. It was later determined the call to the local taxi company originated from Chicago.

“Only the ‘lowest of the low’ pick on elderly victims,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones in a release. “Everyone needs to understand that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t send off your hard-earned money to anyone you don’t know.”

Anyone contacted by a scammer, or anyone who has been recently contacted concerning the same set of circumstances, is asked contact the Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit at 513-785-1234.

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