Coupled: A flood just before the wedding shows how best friends can face life's challenges as one

LOVE CITY, USA - They are among the happiest milestones in our lives, so WCPO shares the joy of engagements, weddings and commitment ceremonies around the Tri-State.

Kinsey Fox, daughter of Kevin and Keeli Fox of Hillsboro, Ohio, was married to David Yates II, son of David and Kathy Yates of Xenia, Ohio, on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Mrs. Yates, 34 is a registered nurse. Mr. Yates, 34, works in HVAC.

The couple met eight years ago through a mutual friend. It was, they say, love at first sight. Although quite smitten with one another from the start, the pair allowed the relationship to build on a foundation of friendship and strong communication.

In fact, the two say they would describe themselves as total best friends. 

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WCPO Insiders know every relationship has its trials and tribulations. They'll get to read about a flood -- not of well wishes --  that played havoc with the couple's home just before the wedding. Plus see the wedding photo!

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