9 Against Breast Cancer: Kathrine Nero credits self-exam with finding her cancer

Kathrine Nero: Self-exam led to early detection

CINCINNATI - About a month ago, a group of nine women, all dressed in pink, smiled pretty for the camera. It was a promotional shoot to help increase awareness for our 9 Against Breast Cancer campaign.

The number nine is significant because one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in her life.

We know now, this reality has hit "our" 9.

Kathrine Nero made the announcement Wednesday morning at the end of Good Morning Tri-State:  "If you were wondering why I wasn't here, well, here's why. One month ago today my daily routine went out the window. I found out that I had breast cancer. And after the initial shock it was time to fight it. I've had a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed and the next step will likely be radiation."

Kathrine explained this to viewers for one reason.

"I found this lump, and by talking about it and as women, this is our first line of defense; by talking about it, I hope it encourages you to take those same steps."

On the ninth of every month we remind women to perform a self breast exam and this week women from across the Tri-State came to our station for a mammogram, thanks to the Jewish Hospital  mammogram van.

Kathrine says, "In the last month, my life has changed dramatically, but I'm glad to be back to my routine."

Her colleague Lance Barry says cancer picked the wrong person to mess with, and we at 9 News agree. We wish Kathrine the best.

She told me when it's all over, she'll have an "I kicked cancer's butt" party!  We have no doubt, Kathrine!

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