9 Against Breast Cancer, 30 N.Ky students work to prevent breast cancer with letters

It could be your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or friend. Breast cancer affects just about everyone in some way and WCPO is committed to fighting the disease that has killed thousands of women.

Monthly self-exams are the first step to early detection. We have partnered with Mommy Has Breast Cancer, a support group aimed at helping mothers battle the illness. This year, 30 third-grade students from R.C. Hinsdale Elementary School in Edgewood, Ky., wrote letters to their mommies reminding them to do their monthly self-exams.

We selected two winners and two honorable mentions from the class of students.

The winners are: Brandt Knasel for his use of baseball metaphors and Julianne Noyes for writing a clever poem to her mom about doing the monthly self-exam.

Honorable mention goes to Isabella Krantz and Ashley Wilbers.

Check out the videos and scroll over the letters to read just how passionate the kids are about having healthy moms.

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