Dr. Iyer - Diabetes and Endocrine Center

If you live with diabetes or think you may have diabetes-related symptoms, you are not alone. Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes and it is estimated that 7 million go undiagnosed each year.

The Christ Hospital Diabetes & Endocrine Center aims to teach people in Greater Cincinnati how to manage diabetes so that they can live healthy, active lives. Education and specialized care can help manage any type of diabetes . Whether you find yourself in a hospital setting or just need support from an expert or peers who understand your symptoms, our diabetes services ensures the right type of support is always available for you and your family.

Our team works closely with diabetes educators for diabetes self-management training and has partnered with preventive cardiology specialists at The Heart and Vascular Center , physicians specializing in wound healing at the Wound Healing Center and area primary care physicians, including The Christ Hospital Physicians – Primary Care .

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