Weddings & Celebrations: Love takes its sweet time & romance rewind to a wedding with bars aplenty

It took a lifetime, but...

Newly Engaged: Joe Young and Lauren Heineman
Wedding Date: November 1, 2014
Location of Wedding: Lakeside Presbyterian Church, Lakeside Park, Ky.
Location of Reception: The Madison Event Center, Covington, Ky.

Lauren Heineman, daughter of Mark and Joyce Heineman of Ross, Oh., is engaged to Joe Young, son of Dan and Gayla Young also of of Ross, Oh. Ms. Heineman, 25, is an accountant. Mr. Young, 29, is a funeral director at Charles C. Young Funeral Home.

Even though the couple have known each other since they were children, they never made a true connection until New Year’s Eve 2011. It was at the groom-to-be’s sister’s party (who is also the bride-to-be’s best friend), that the two fell into a deep conversation that eventually led to romance. Nearly two years later, Mr. Young was ready to pop the question while on a trip to Lake Barkley with his family.

The couple says they love the fact that they are both complimented and challenged by each other, and know that no matter what, they will always find laughter in life. They credit trust and communication as the foundation of their relationship, and remain aware of the importance of putting their relationship’s needs above their individual needs.

The pair say they look to their parents for marital advice and inspiration, and have learned many lessons from them on love, life, and how to raise and provide for a family. Both look forward to having many adventures together, including going skydiving this year for the groom-to-be’s birthday.

The couple lives in Cincinnati and plan to remain in the area once they are married.

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Romance Rewind: Angela and Bonnie Miles

When: June 3, 2011
Wedding & Reception: 20th Century Theatre, Cincinnati
Maid and Matron of Honor: Bonnie’s sister Angie and the couple’s best friend Nisha

Angela and Bonnie Miles were married on Friday, June 3, 2011. The ceremony was officiated by Gay Glasscott of Tri-State Unique Ceremonies .

Angela, 28, is a graphic designer, and Bonnie, 31, is a director of security. The pair initially met through mutual friends in 2006, but it was a trip to Florida in 2008 that finally sealed the deal.

The beach-themed ceremony was colored by shades of black and teal around the room. Both women wore beautiful, white dresses from David’s Bridal; each different enough to accent their unique personalities, yet still similar enough to complement each other as a couple. Pink lilies filled their bouquets, and teal and white candles placed in fishbowl centerpieces gave the room a warm and inviting glow.

Guests got a sneak peek at the couple’s life together as they were welcomed by a customized marquee on the building that read, “All you need is love, Bonnie and Angela," as well as collages of the pair in the lobby.

They later received a treat for their taste buds as they dined on a variety of favorites including a cheeseburger bar, fajita bar, candy bar, and every guest’s favorite, the open bar filled with alcohol. Later, guests enjoyed a three-tiered wedding cake, with a dual bride cake topper. Although the evening was filled with memorable events, both brides say it was seeing each other for the first time in their wedding gowns that they hold dearest.

Bonnie and Angela, often referred to by friends as, “Bongela," are true partners in every aspect. No matter what happens in life, they are committed to supporting one another. They take great pride in the fact that while they are similar enough to enjoy the same things, they are also different enough to keep their relationship fresh and interesting.

Why it works: The couple says what makes their relationship work is the fact that they both accept each other as is. They say that they view their relationship as a team effort; a true commitment to partnership in which no matter what obstacles life throws at their feet; they always have each other’s back. Bonnie says that she loves Angela’s spontaneity, drive and creativity, the fact that she is an amazing mother, and is proud of the way she pushes for their dreams to be reality. Angela says she loves everything about Bonnie; from the kind of mother she is to their son, to the way she pushes her to be a better person and supports her in every decision. For them, a successful relationship is not a forced effort, but instead the beautiful result of being truly in love with another person.

The pair lives in Cincinnati with their son Brayden. 

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