Water works: #9Fitness has 5 pool workouts to keep you in shape this summer

CINCINNATI - It’s Memorial Day weekend, and you know what that means! Pools across the area are finally opening after lying dormant (or frozen), and we can make our workouts a little more aquatic friendly.

After all, bronzing by the pool or reading a magazine while donning huge shades is luxurious; but if you really want to make your pool day count, why not slip in a quick workout?

Check out a few of the most effective and fun water workouts, then head to your nearest pool and give them a try!

  1. Lap swims. Hop in the water and get in some good old-fashioned laps for full-body toning. Alternating your strokes works different muscle groups with the added benefit of the low-impact workout that comes from aquatic activities. Want to really ramp it up? Dive in to these workouts from the Military.com Fitness Center .
  2. If you really aren't feeling the laps, these 33 water workouts will have you blasting fat in no time! I'm a fan of these moves and have tried a few of these out. Verdict? They work. You'll feel the burn while enjoying the pool, and nothing says "summer" like that.
  3. Good news: Pool noodles are not just for kids! Grab one and try out Self Magazine's Ultimate Pool Workout to shed pounds fast and keep that bikini body in tip-top shape all season.
  4. Don't forget the legs! If toning up your thighs are a summer goal, I like these simple water exercises . The resistance water provides during a pool workout means you're working out even harder that you normally would.
  5. You don't even have to break a sweat with aerobic exercise . These heart-pumping, fat-burning, muscle-toning moves are sure to make you glad you decided to take a dip.

And if you plan on really dominating the pool as your next fitness arena, don't forget the gear. Check out some of the water aerobic equipment you may consider buying before your next trip to the pool (you'll at least need a swimsuit!).


#9Fitness fans, let's here from you: what are your go-to pool workouts? Connect with me on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak , and let me know!


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