Two Cincinnati badminton clubs attract passionate players young and not-so-young, from near & far

CINCINNATI - The gym was hot. Maybe not the August, dog-days-of-summer, Cincinnati swelter. But not far off.

On the court, the men’s hair was matting in salty clumps. Sweat stains started to show through their shirts. One guy, Dave Turner, wasn’t too proud to admit, “You see this? I’m absolutely dripping!” his British accent booming across the floor.

So why not turn on the air conditioning and cool down the gym a little? These guys refuse. They’re members of the Cincinnati Badminton Club, gathered to play three hours of badminton on a June night in the Readin’s Haffey Fieldhouse.

The air conditioning would be nice, but it affect the flight of the feather shuttles the club uses for its games. So the club members soldier on through the heat, sweat stains and all.

That’s just how dedicated they are.

“I’ve been playing badminton for 40 years,” said Turner, a long-time CBC regular. “It’s an absolutely wonderful game.”

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