Try-It-Tuesday: Aeroknife

The holidays mean a lot of meals and a lot of chopping.

So when the Aeroknife promised to make that chore easier, we put it to the test for try it out Tuesday.

The Aeroknife also says it never needs to be sharpened and has 60 percent less surface area than other knives.

It claims this results in faster cutting and food won't stick to the blade.

Our tester tried it on several fruits and vegetables, and found on foods like apples, oranges and onions, it worked as promised: quickly, cleanly, and easily, with neat slices.

But when it comes to something denser, like carrots, the smaller surface area is actually the problem. The Aeroknife didn't have the weight to cut through without a little help.

You can pick it up at various stores and online for $9.99.

As always - this is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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