Try-It-Out Tuesday: Gevalia 2-step coffee pods

Single serve coffee machines and the pods made especially for them are a multi-billion dollar business.

So when the uber-caffeinated Good Morning Tri-State crew saw a newcomer to the pod market, we had to put it to the test for Try-It-Out Tuesday.

Gevalia 's new two-step product includes a froth packet and regular pod.

You pour the packet in first, then brew the pod as usual.

The result? A coffee house-style drink with that traditional foam.

It comes in three flavors: mocha latte, caramel macchiato and cappuccino. Our testers love the ease and the taste.

A six-pack of pods and packets costs about $8 - about the same as two drinks at a coffee house.

This is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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