Try-It-Out Tuesday: Caffeine water

We all need a little boost in the mornings, but if coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks get old, will caffeinated water do the trick?

Avitae caffeinated water comes in two strengths: 90 mgs of caffeine, similar to a cup of coffee; and 45 mgs, the same as a diet soda.

Several testers in our caffeine-loving newsroom tried Avitae in place of their usual caffeinated drinks. Reports are mixed.

All agree it tastes like regular water, with a bit of a metallic aftertaste. Some say it fades after the first few sips. A couple of testers reported cases of cotton mouth as well.

But others said they could definitely feel the caffeine, especially in the 90 mg variety, and that it's a good alternative for people who are sick of coffee or energy drinks all day.

You can pick up Avitae at some local Speedways and Walgreens.

This is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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