FAA: Changes to in-flight electronic use yeilds which airline will first amend their rule first?

Airline passengers will no longer have to turn off all their electronic devices while in flight as a result of new guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Although the new set of rules seem simple enough, don't expect changes to happen right away, an FAA Administrator told AP. A plan must first be submitted, approved, then implemented.

But which airline will be the first to enable the use of in-flight electronic use?

Delta claims it was the first airline to submit a plan to the FAA on the use of portable electronic devices below 10,000 feet, reports Skift.

JetBlue plans on introducing Wi-Fi in the next "few weeks."

Southwest Airlines is working on amending their PED policy, telling Skift "We know this is something Customers have wanted for some time now, and we’re excited to soon give them the freedom to use personal devices throughout their flight."

United Airlines has reportedly been working on a plan to submit to the FAA but no timeline has been set.

Virgin America, the only U.S. airline with WiFi and power outlets.

Alaska Air told Skift that it will take more than two weeks for the airline to carry out any changes.

The new FAA regulation would only restrict in-flight phone calls.

Read more details about the changes here.

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