TMI: Why Meryl and Charlie should be my babysitters

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Full disclosure: I’ve watched more Olympics this week than should be legally allowed. Right now my brain is chock full of twizzles, wheelies and astonishment when people don't know the difference between Nordic combined and super combined. You are forewarned.

We’ve all had those days. You oversleep, you can’t find your left shoe or your right glove, your on-ramp is closed, someone is logged into your computer at work so it takes like 8 minutes to reboot, it’s so cold that your coffee is lukewarm by the time your commute is over… and it‘s Monday.

Guess I could have started with that last one.

That was my day yesterday. Then I got home from work – and since my kids were off school for President's Day (despite 10 snow days this year), they decided to augment my fragile mental state and use that time to yell and scream at each other -- and because it's my fault for giving birth to them both -- me.

I’m not going to say I’m NOT grumpy – but I will say I don’t wake up that way. I’m generally a happy person when I get to work. As happy as you can be at 3 a.m.

But by about noon, that happiness had basically taken a header off a ski jump cliff and I was wallowing in a lava pit of screaming girls, slamming doors, flailing arms and what is either the onset of girly hormones or one of the seven signs.

Then it happened. A moment of peace and calm. Goodness and light. It was a dramatic intervention courtesy of the Olympic ice dancing free skate program.

Suddenly my mood brightened. But it wasn’t just me. Those once screaming children seemed enthralled with something on television that did not feature inept parents and snarky kids.

We all sat -- quietly. And we watched.

“Where are they from?” my younger one asked, when bronze medalists Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov danced to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

I explained they were Russian, as was the composer. “Isn’t that where Sochi is, too?” she asked.

So she’s paying attention, I thought.

Up next – another Russian couple. “Not enough sparkles,” said my older daughter of their costumes. She was right. Dmitri Soloviev looked like he forgot his real costume and improvised by pulling a cable knit sweater out of his closet and cutting off the neck.

“They weren’t as good as the other ones,” she said. No, they weren’t.

So she’s paying attention, too, I thought. I didn’t move an inch for fear of changing the mojo.

Up come the Americans, Meryl Davis and Charlie White. With only one prompt, my girls looked up from the iPad and locked eyes on the television.

“She looks like Jasmine (from Aladdin),” one said. “They’re the best ones,” said the other.

“You’re going to thank me for this one day,” I said, explaining that we were seeing history – that Americans had never before won a gold medal in ice dancing.

But who’d have thought I’d be thanking Meryl and Charlie? They won the gold, but they provided me with an end to the turbulence and frenzy that had befallen my house.

That alone deserves a medal.

From Today’s GMTS:

-Black Ice. Lots of it . 63 schools/systems were delayed this morning as a result, and Adam Marshall was running around like John Matarese at an end-of-season sale.

-Science, Social Studies and Spanking?: A proposed bill in Kansas would give teachers more power to spank kids at school. It actually says they could spank hard enough to leave redness and bruising What do you think? We're talking about it here .

GMTS Quote of the Week:

“This is my first time eating yogurt.”

~GMTS producer Griffin. Yes, he’s a frequent flyer in this category. As a quote, this one’s not great, but the fact that a grown adult man had never before eaten yogurt deserves discussion. And amazement.


-Do you have huge icicles hanging from your gutters? You could have ice dams . And that’s not good.

-Have you seen WCPO reporter Kevin Osborne’s segment, Political Cocktail ? The retro logo should be reason enough, but the interviews are great, too.

NEROtica: A place where I’m pretty much going to talk about anything I like that doesn’t fit to any other category.

There is a nationwide clown shortage, people. The reasons? Declining interest and “higher standards.”  And I’m not being funny. (See what I did there?)

Also, this could be the best picture I’ve ever taken.

Viral Video of the Day:

From the family that brought you “Christmas Jammies,” … here’s “Snow Day:”

Today’s Distracting Link:

Play piano with random strangers – if they show up. Because that’s not weird.

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