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From Today’s GMTS:

In case you missed it (which I wouldn’t recommend, by the way) …

-Goepper Grabs Bronze: I’m going to admit something to you. I do not recall anything about the first hour and a half of GMTS today. I read plenty of scripts, even wrote some. But I was so distracted watching Lawrenceburg’s Nick Goepper in the men’s slopestyle skiing finals that the rest of it was just a blur.

So many things about his story are interesting. I shall itemize them, for easier reference.

  1. When you think of the Tri-State, skiing isn’t the sport that first pops to mind. Basketball, sure. Football? OK. Cornhole? Obviously. The fact that he (with his parents’ blessing) pursued a sport that likely doesn’t crack the top 10 in popularity here is impressive, which makes his success that much more amazing.
  1. He doesn’t ski with poles. He stopped when he had a wrist injury, and found he was just fine without them.
  1. He loves his mama. He’s part of P&G’s fantastic “Thank You Mom” campaign. And he doesn’t care that his slope cred got knocked down a few notches when he said “I’m not afraid to have my mom tuck me in at night.” Here’s the full video.
  1. Goepper won the bronze, and fellow Americans Joss Christensen and Gus Kenworthy took gold and silver. This is only the third American sweep in Winter Games history.
  1. His post-ski tweet says it all: “INDIANA! The bronze is coming back home. See ya soon!”
  1. Have you seen his cat? It has a mustache, people.
  1. Sure, he won bronze, but Forbes says he’s a potential gold medalist in the marketing world once he lands back in the states.

GMTS Quote of the Week:

After much deliberation, the committee quote of the week is actually a tweet. And it’s mine. Again, this was a committee decision.

Shh…don’t tell! Pay no mind to the caution tape! Our @Keurig is in here. I’ll take my chances. #9wakeup

It’s way better when you see the picture, so click the link. And follow me while you’re there if you like.

With one honorable mention from WCPO producer Tasha: "I got a bag of fried chicken in my purse. I'm willing to share."


-Have you heard? Chopper 9 is back! Watch for it every morning on GMTS.

-Beer soap. Now that I’ve got your attention – check out more unromantic Cincinnati Valentine’s gifts.


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Viral Video of the Day:

This is terrible, but you will be unable to stop watching. It’s Billy Ray Cyrus’s remix of Achy Breaky Heart. And you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Four million views and counting.

Today’s Distracting Link:

How about killing time with a tattoo generator? Yes, “Kiss My Grits” in Old English will do nicely.

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