TMI: DVR calisthenics, clever restaurant tweets

Welcome to TMI: Tri-State Morning Insight. A weekly or so peek behind the curtain of Good Morning Tri-State. I guess that would make me the Wizard. I’m definitely not Dorothy. Too sweet. Adult braids. And I don't look good in gingham.

-It’s back! My DVR has been doing calisthenics and deep breathing for weeks, preparing for this week. As much as I love the Olympics, real TV is back and the long winter’s nap for my DVR is over. I record so many shows, I’m often surprised when I see what’s new on the list every day. Most importantly of all, SCANDAL IS BACK, GLADIATORS. Bring it, Thursday.

-Let’s discuss Charmin Basic. I study at the feet of John Matarese in his School for Frugality, but there’s something about this whole advertising scheme that bothers me. The implication is that the other “bath tissue” – as the commercials, but no actual humans, call it – is somehow a luxury item. I beg to differ.

-Chain restaurants get a bad rap, and understandably so. But all that average predictability is what makes people flock to them. I’m more of a mom-and-pop restaurant kinda girl, whether that takes me to a dive or to the finest place in town.

But I’m beginning to come around on Olive Garden. Why? Someone in the Olive Garden social media department is clever. And apparently we have the same taste.

Sample tweets to show our mutual love for breadsticks and sitcoms:

-We saw what Jeff and the group was willing to go through for chicken fingers. Imagine what they'd do for our 2 for $25 menu. #Community

-#TreatYoSelf to our new Parmesan Crusted Chicken, or as Tom Haverford calls it: Chicky Chicky Parm Parm. #ParksandRec

-Blue French horns might not impress your date but our Primavera will. #HIMYM

Those are easily three of my top 5 sitcoms on that soon-to-be-overworked DVR. There are probably more tweets, but that crafty Olive Garden! They’re technically “promoted” tweets, so I wonder if that’s why I can’t find them anywhere. Fear not - I will continue my search.

Speaking of Twitter, follow me and learn something new every day, like the correct mathematical equation for the deliciousness quotient of gas station frozen drinks .

From Today’s GMTS:

-Play Ball: Sure, we had 25 school closings and delays today. Spring training games start today and that shall be my focus. Yes, I’m choosing to wear blinders aimed toward exhibition games that mean virtually nothing over actual, real life. If you choose this path as well, summer can’t be too far behind. Come with me, won’t you?

-Big Donkey at the Oscars: Full disclosure: I just wanted to type Big Donkey. Did you know former Red Adam Dunn had a bit part as a bartender in Dallas Buyers Club? I didn’t either. He got an invitation to the Academy Awards Sunday and says he’ll go – if his manager will give him the day off. - from spring training. What’s he gonna miss?

GMTS Quote of the Week:

From producer Nick, looking for this viral video of a woman being slapped by a whale’s tail: "I didn't think "whale tail" would be a bad Google search."

Do not try this at work.


-Over-the-Rhine – Then and Now: This is a really cool, interactive way to see how the area has changed.

-Back Home: Olympic bronze medalist Nick Goepper is back in the Tri-State , and he said he wanted to start his day today where his skiing career did – Perfect North Slopes.


A place where I’m pretty much going to talk about anything I like that doesn’t fit to any other category.

CMT is airing Dukes of Hazzard in all it’s short-shorted, twangy, open-faced-shirted, Boss Hoggy cheesiness. It takes me straight back to 80s Friday nights, when I would fight you over the fact that Luke was way better than Bo.

Viral Video of the Day:

Had enough of cute kids singing “Let It Go” from Frozen? Didn’t think so .

Today’s Distracting Link:

Are you right-brained or left-brained? I didn’t need this test to tell me – 78% right-brained.

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