The bearded ones: 10 types of facial hair you'll see in the Tri-State

CINCINNATI - Remember Movember? Men around the Tri-State (and, in fact, around the world) grew facial hair in "No-shave November" as a way to raise awareness about men's health issues . You may know a man who decided to keep going--and growing.

Are beards in or out? Opinions vary: On April 15, none other than The Guardian warned that beards may have peaked in popularity . Closer to home, a January 13 Columbus Dispatch headline proclaimed, "Beards growing in popularity among men."

Facial hair pundit prognostications aside, WCPO decided to explore the issue of beards. We hereby declare April 20 through April 27, "Beard Week."

  • The hashtag is #beardweek

9 kinds of facial hair you'll see in the Tri-State

We consulted for the correct style names.

1. Mitchell Warren of Price Hill. This appears to be an extended goatee (note the mustache and the growth along the cheeks)

2. Chris Watson of Knoxville, Tenn. brought his a mustache and sideburns to town.

3. Richard Gramann of OTR has a classic full beard

4. Rob Perkins of Taylor Mill, Ky. makes a modest play for a mustache and goatee.

5. Luke Jellison of St. Bernard rocks another classic full beard. Bold choice for a red-head!

6. Drew Wise of OTR has a full beard, with a soul patch and a horizontal strip of hair beneath his lip.

7. Brian Murphy of OTR sports sideburns that flirt with the mutton chops look.

8. Solomon Oyeyemi of E. Walnut Hills has a neatly groomed full beard. (We wonder what daughter Naima thinks of a dad with a hairy face).

9. Alan Crocker of Forest Park has his own interpretation of the extended goatee. 

10. Jymi Bolden of Amberley Village with a mustache. Sometimes less is more.

MONDAY: Meet Garey Faulkner, Cincinnati's patron saint of beards

Holly Edgell, WCPO Community Editor, contributed to this story.

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