Secrets to the Princess Diana exhibition

CINCINNATI -- We’re lucky to have the final stop in the world tour be right here in Cincinnati. 

"Diana, A Celebration" is an award-winning exhibition featuring the life and work of Princess Diana through nine galleries. 

The exhibition, which runs through Aug. 17 at the Cincinnati Museum Center, has been touring the world since 2003. The items will later be returned to Diana's sons in England to be preserved for future generations.

Cody Hefner from the Cincinnati Museum Center let us in on a few must-sees when you’re visiting the exhibit.

  • The exhibition includes her childhood diary, which is open to a different page in each city the exhibition visits to limit its exposure to light and ensure its preservation.
  • Diana's grandmother, Cynthia Hamilton, was a major influence in her life and someone she looked up to.
  • There is a portrait by John Singer Sargent included in the exhibition that bears a strong resemblance to Diana herself. Those passing by quickly may not realize that it is actually Diana's grandmother and not Diana herself.
  • There are several home videos throughout the exhibition that help to shed light on who Diana was as a person, who she was at home or with friends, that really makes you fall in love with her on another level.
  • Diana had a love for frogs, which is evident throughout the exhibition as they show up in various places: the childhood gallery and amongst her luggage and briefcase.
  • Some may remember the speech her brother gave after her death. While that speech is included in the exhibition, the first draft is also included, which is interesting when you examine it to see what was added and what was left out.
  • Amongst Diana's most prized items was a prayer book given to her by Mother Teresa. It is also included in the exhibition.
  • In the final gallery of the exhibition there are hundreds of books of condolence written to Diana after her death.  You can see the responses from the people who followed her life and were so touched by her. Condolence books are more of a British tradition and may be unfamiliar to some. The books of condolence in the exhibition are just 1/100th of those the family received.

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