Where We Pray: Church of the Living God in Avondale has national reach, but very personal message

CINCINNATI - The Tri-State is rich in the number and variety of houses of worship. In our weekly feature, WCPO shines the spotlight on where we pray.

Church of the Living God, a nondenominational church that was founded in Cincinnati, is now home to the national headquarters of the church, Christian Workers for Fellowship. Yet, while its reach may be national, the church’s message is very personal.

“We embrace people no matter who they are or what their background, because of what Christ has taught us and what he means to us,” said Pastor Ennis Tait.

“People come to our church because of the power of the Word of God," he said. "He preaches in a way that people can understand, grow from and apply to their everyday lives.

"I believe people come here because they are looking for hope and a new direction in their lives," Tait said.

WCPO Insiders can learn about the church's community programs and read why one woman chose this congregation as her spiritual home.

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