Ohio pastor rides wild horse during church service to teach life lesson

LEBANON, Ohio -- Things got a little wild inside a Tri-State church Sunday night.

Rev. Lawrence Bishop II, associate pastor of Solid Rock Church in Lebanon, hopped onto a wild horse during the service and held on as part of his sermon.

Church pews were removed, plastic and dirt were put down and a wild horse was brought in to be tamed. Bishop , part of the Christian rock band "Bride," managed to stay on the horse for 10 minutes.

He said his effort to "tame the wild horse" was part of his lesson on overcoming adversities in life. The sermon was titled "Conquer The Beast."

Former Cincinnati Bengal and current SRC member Bobbie Williams also took part in the event. Williams, who helped the Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, discussed the challenges he has overcome in life.

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