Recap: 12 days of holiday kindness

108 Random acts of kindness

The holiday season is winding down, but that doesn't mean our generosity has to. For the past 12 days, WCPO has compiled more than one hundred random acts of kindness ideas for you to try in the upcoming year. 

Day One -- December 14, 2013

1.) Shovel a neighbor's walkway or sidewalk after it snows. 

2.) Pay a tab for the car behind you at the drive thru window. 

3.) Grab a roll of quarters and fill near-empty parking meters. 

4.) Help someone load or unload their groceries. 

5.) Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life. 

6.) Buy a prepaid phone card and give it to someone who needs it.

7.) Keep your spare change in a piggy bank and donate it to a cause or charity of your choice when it's full. 

8.) Leave quarters at the laundromat for the next person. 

9.) Pay off someone's layaway order. 

Day Two -- December 15, 2013

1.) Write out personal holiday cards and deliver to a nursery home.

2.) Buy a couple $5 or $10 cards at a local store and give them to random people shopping.

3.) Pick up a few $1 toys at your local dollar store and drop them in a toy collection bin around town.

4.) Deliver a tray of holiday cookies to a neighbor you don't know.

5.) Write a note or holiday card to a teacher that has made a different in your child's life or education.

6.) Visit your favorite restaurant or bar and leave a holiday tip for your favorite server anonymously.

7.) Hold the door open for everyone with their hands full at the mall.

8.) Clean out your cupboards and pantry and donate to your local pantry or food shelf.

9.) Offer to read to the blind at Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Day Three -- December 16, 2013

1.) Write a kind letter to your postal worker and leave it in your mailbox.

2.) Scrape the snow or ice off of a few cars on the street next to you.

3.) Walk a dog at your local animal shelter.

4.) Tell someone looking for a parking spot to follow you as you walk to your car.

5.) Give one compliment to everyone you see in a given day,

6.) Buy gas for the person next to you at the pump.

7.) Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line

8.) Write and hand deliver holiday greeting cards to five neighbors.

9.) Give some hats, scarves and mittens to homeless people on a cold night. 

Day Four -- December 17, 2013

1.) Buy a movie theater gift certificate, put it in a blank envelope and give it to the first couple you see walking into the theater. 

2.) Offer to babysit a friend's children for a night.  

3.) Volunteer to visit with an elderly person at a nursing home. 

4.) Support a child or family through a virtual adoption organization. 

5.) Clean up graffiti in a local neighborhood near you. 

6.) Give away your parking spot to someone at the store. 

7.) Hold the door for every person walking into a busy mall. 

8.) Smile at 10 strangers throughout the day. 

9.) Give your seat to another person on the bus or at a crowded place. 

Day Five -- December 18, 2013

1.) Take a homeless person out to eat.

2.) Leave change in a vending machine.

3.) Transport someone who can't drive.

4.) Leave flowers with a kind note on a stranger's car.

5.) Clean all of the equipment at the gym.

6.) Instead of asking Santa for a something, buy him a gift card for a store or coffee shop at the mall.

7.) Buy a cup of coffee for a security guard who keeps you safe.

8.) Donate teddy bears to your local children's hospital.

9.) Bring a bag of rawhide dog bones to your local animal shelter.

Day Six -- December 19, 2013

1.) Anonymously pay for someone's lunch and have the sever deliver a note the next time you're at a restaurant.

2.) Give care packs (full of every day necessities like toilet paper and soap) to the homeless.

3.) Volunteer to put up holiday lights on an elderly person's home. 

4.) Buy and drop off gifts for children in the cancer ward at a hospital.

5.) Leave $5 or $10 in a library book for the next person to find.

6.) Send a care package to a deployed military unit.

7.) Teach an illiterate person how to read.

8.) Invite someone without family or friends to your home for a holiday meal.

9.) Anonymously pay for a stranger's dry cleaning bill. 

Day Seven -- December 20, 2013

1.) Wrap holiday presents for an elderly person.

2.) Donate $1 for a cause the next time you're asked at the cash register.

3.) Invite someone to lunch that you don't know very well.

4.) Clean up cigarette butts on a dirty street.

5.) Leave an encouraging note with candy on the windshield of a stranger's car.

6.) Write a thank you note to a local police officer or firefighter.

7.) Take an elderly person without transportation shopping for clothes or groceries.

8.) Donate your favorite clothing item to a person who needs it more.

9.) Bring in treats for your co-workers.

Day Eight -- December 21, 2013

1.) Let someone move over into your lane the next time you're in traffic.

2.) Make an encouraging sign and cheer on runners you don't know at a local race.

3.) Read a book to a young child at the library.

4.) Leave a store coupon behind in your cart for the next person

who uses it.

5.) Pay someone's toll the next time you're traveling past a toll booth. 

6.) Make a positive comment on a website or blog.

7.) Have a conversation with a homeless person the next time you're asked for spare change. 

8.) Do a household chore for one of your friends.

9.) Anonymously buy dessert for a stranger the next time you're eating out a restaurant. 

Day Nine -- December 22, 2013

1.) Pass out hand warmers to people entering an outdoor sporting event on a cold day.

2.) Include one compliment in each e-mail you send to your co-workers.

3.) Participate in a blood drive.

4.) Bring a reusable grocery bag with you to the store.

5.) Volunteer to be the designated driver the next time you go out for drinks with some friends. 

6.) Call or visit someone who is sick.

7.) Donate your hair to a foundation that uses it to make wigs for people who have cancer.

8.) Bring in your neighbor's trash cans on trash day.

9.) Help an unemployed friend find work. 

Day 10 -- December 23, 2013

1.) Give a gift card to Santa at the mall instead of asking for a gift.

2.) Volunteer to cover a co-worker's shift to give them the day or night off.

3.) Bring coffee to three co-workers you don't typically communicate with.

4.) Start a candy jar in your office.

5.) Write a letter to a deployed soldier.

6.) Make a surprise dinner for an elderly neighbor.

7.) Volunteer to pet sit for free when someone you know is leaving town.

8.) Start a fund to create a small scholarship for a student involved in a cause you're passionate about.

9.) Leave your favorite book for someone with a note on the public transit seat. 

Day 11 -- December 24, 2013

1.) Teach someone a new hobby.

2.) Donate all of your canned food to a local food pantry.

3.)  Spend time working at a soup kitchen during a non-peak volunteer season.

4.)  Pay a stranger's electric bill.

5.)  Leave flowers and a note on someone's doorstep who lives a few streets down from you.

6.)  Buy a present for the cashier at the store, and give to him or her as you're checking out.

7.) Drop off a roll of paper towels at your local animal shelter.

8.) Share fresh produce with your neighbor.

9.) Tip 100 percent to the next person you interact with in the service industry. 

Day 12 -- December 25, 2013

1.) Carry a "Free Hugs!" sign and give free hugs.

2.) Go to a local arcade and give the tickets you win to a kid.

3.) Tape a trash bag over a someone's car window with a kind note the next time you see a window open left open while it's raining. 

4.) Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.

5.) Tape a $20 bill to an ATM.

6.) Walk your friend's dog.

7.) Hug and comfort someone who is crying.

8.) Wash your roommate's dirty dishes.

9.) Sign up to mentor a student in your field of expertise. 

Is there a random act of kindness that you'd like to share? Comment below, on Facebook  or on Twitter using the hashtag #9RAK. 

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