Philematology: How much do you know about X's and O's?

That first kiss -- the moment, the atmosphere, the person, the feeling -- it's hard to forget. When you're smooching that special someone this Valentine's Day, pay attention to the effects it has on you.

All of those warm, fuzzy feelings experienced when kissing or falling in love are biological reactions studied by experts. It's called philematology.

The origin of kissing stems from two anthropological theories: It was adapted from spiritual and intuitive practices and the other, that mothers would "kiss feed" their offspring by mouth. Somewhere down the line it evolved into a romantic gesture, practiced in 90 percent of cultures in today's world, according to anthropologists at Rutgers University.

How much do you know about smooching and falling in love? We've gone out and found out some fun facts and put together a quiz.

Here is question 3: 

The chemical specifically triggered in the brain when we fall in love, is also triggered by what drug?

a. Marijuana
     b. PCP
     c. Cocaine
     d. MDMA or "Molly"





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