Not the royal game: Cincinnatians play bike polo with homemade gear and a punk rock vibe

CINCINNATI - The sports scene in the Tri-State is more than Reds and Bengals, right? We are happy to introduce a new feature about offbeat athletics by WCPO contributor Ben Walplole.

Perhaps it’s fitting that Coy Bike Polo Court sits next to a row of Clifton Heights fraternity and sorority houses.

The Cincinnati Hardcourt bike polo club, after all, is a family of sorts. The club may not have any Greek letters adorning its name, but team members share a common bond that runs deep: a unique love for a unique sport.

“If I didn’t have this, I might… I don’t know,” said Hardcourt veteran Mike Tackett, smiling. “You play polo, you don’t have to think about anything; you just play. It’s a pure adrenaline rush.”

Not to be outdone by their frat house neighbors, Cincinnati Hardcourt players certainly know how to have a good time.

In the last week of May, the club hosted its annual Bike Prom in which cyclists dress to the nines, ride from Northside to downtown and back, and then party all night. In August, they host a party that manages to combine bike polo, fusbol and drinking games.

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