Magazine ranks top 10 dirtiest cities in US

CINCINNATI - Travel and Leisure magazine is known for recommending the best places to spend your family vacation. But this new list does just the opposite, listing the dirtiest cities in the United States.

New York City takes the top spot for dirtiest in America for its rats, piles of curb side trash, noise and reported encounters with rude people on city streets and businesses.

Cincinnati was not on the list.

The top 10 dirtiest cities, according to Travel and Leisure are:

  1. New York City
  2. New Orleans: named for its bar scene which creates a lot of noise and litter
  3. Baltimore: named for its perceived rat problem
  4. Los Angeles: named for its air pollution
  5. Atlanta: named for perceived safety issues
  6. Philadelphia: named for litter issues
  7. Dallas/Fort Worth: named for lack of green space and smog
  8. Miami: named for polluted soil & noise
  9. Memphis: named for litter issues
  10. Houston: named for smog issues

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