LIFE HACKS: Pumpkin life hacks

(THE LIST ) -- All hallows eve is coming, and one of the most important mood setters is a pumpkin. We've got some tricks and details on how to jack up your pumpkin creativity on life hacks.


1. If you cut a bigger hole on the top and side, scraping the guts out will be way easier.

2. Design hack -- looking to transfer a design to your pumpkin? Print up a stencil, and trace it with a thumb tack.

3. If you're freewheeling the design, use a dry or wet erase marker instead of the typical sharpie. Knowing your mistakes are fixable will unleash your creativity.   

4. For this next trick, lose the candles and put glow sticks there instead. It's safer.

5. If you're not handy with a knife, use a drill or a cookie cutter. Or paint your pumpkin with glow in the dark paint and use electrical tape to make your design.

6. Keep your pumpkin looking young with a coating of floor cleaner like Mop and Glow. You can also stop intricate cuts from wilting by rubbing Vaseline on them. It's like Botox for pumpkins. 

7. Pump up your Halloween party with a pumpkin drink cooler. Or pump out your beer with a pumpkin keg.

Helping you have an even greater pumpkin, with pumpkin life hacks.

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