How to transform furniture with chalk paint

There is an unspoken charm to furniture and home decor items that look old and weathered. 

But, you don't have to wait for time to pass to enjoy this rustic, shabby chic look. 

There are do-it-yourself techniques to add cracks, areas where paint has rubbed off from use and an overall distressed look.  The key is using chalk paint.

Patty Leon, Owner of Green Table Gifts in Chandler is an expert in this altered art form.  She uses Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (TM ) and offers classes to teach techniques.

Patty says what makes this chalk paint unique is there is no need to prime and the paint doesn't have an odor.

She offers these directions:

1.) Start by painting any surface in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Brand Decorative Paint. Remember you don't have to sand, strip or remove previous paint when you use this revolutionary paint system.

Allow to fully dry.

2.) If a distressed look is desired, paint with a second color and let dry.

3.) Distress your piece by sanding with 220 grit sandpaper or a wet terrycloth sponge or washcloth.

4.) Transfer a vintage graphic to your piece for added character by tracing a printed image with chalk pastels rubbed on the back.

5.) Trace over pastel outline left on furniture piece with a permanent marker. You can rub off some of the marker to add another layer of distressing.

6.) Seal the complete furniture piece by massaging Annie Sloan Soft Wax for a beautiful soft glow, remembering to wipe off excess wax, and buff to desired sheen.

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