Home run fitness tips: #9Fitness shares off-season workouts that Reds players use to stay in shape

CINCINNATI - For most people in the Tri-State there is a trinity of sacred days:

  1. Christmas
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Opening Day

For others, the rankings put Opening Day in first place. Regardless, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited for the return of baseball season March 31.

What better way to prep for Opening Day than exploring how some of our favorite Reds players stay in shape during the off-season?

Batter up!

Brandon Phillips. How does @DatDudeBP stay in peak performance shape during the off-season?

Joey Votto. Votto doesn’t miss a beat when the season starts, because he stays active all year. Men’s Fitness shared his workouts with its readers.

Jay Bruce. Did you know the Reds outfielder added mixed martial arts to his off-season workout routine a few years back? Switching his mitt for a different type of glove, take a look at his moves in the ring.

Mike Leake. Here’s one workout with which you may not be familiar: ElliptiGo.  Leake is a fan of the device, aimed at strengthening his shoulders and lower body. Call it fitness on the go, call it intense; just don’t call it a walk in the park!

Manny Parra. Sometimes, it’s more than just the physical. Manny Parra spent one off-season mentally centering himself , preparing for a fresh start with the Reds after the Milwaukee Brewers cut him loose. Remember, keeping a positive and focused outlook will help tremendously as you work toward your goals--fitness or otherwise--and embrace new challenges.

And there's more...

Reds players like Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos, who have spent off-seaons rehabbing after surgeries, get back to the basics through physical therapy.

An important note for anyone putting in hard work at the gym or on the pavement: don’t forget to work on basic techniques to prevent injuries and target all those muscles. Rremember to take it easy every now and then to give your body time to recover.


Who’s ready for Opening Day? Who’s brave enough to try to train like a Redleg? Connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak and let me know!

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