GMTS Newsletter: Twerking, tinsel and Tuberville

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Good morning, all. Let's have mini-discussions on stuff that pops into my mind, shall we?

--The Miley Cyrus discussion continues this morning, which is just exactly what she wants. I still can’t get that image out of my head. Neither can that poor foam finger. It needs some serious sanitizing. And the whole thing just keeps going: today we learned “twerk” is now going to be in the dictionary, which is something -- but even crazier is hearing Diane Sawyer say it.

My 9-year-old daughter saw the edited -- somewhat clean -- version of Miley's "dancing" and ran screaming from the room, saying it was “inappropriate.” If she only knew the fate of that foam finger.

We should just skip all this discussion and jump to the part where she enters rehab and blames her parents for everything. The parents who, by the way, are wholly behind those VMA antics.

And that is all the Miley talk I can muster. For the rest of my life.

--The Christmas creep is on. Decorations and such are already in stores. Yeah, it seems to get earlier every year. But it’s just like … uh … the aforementioned former Hannah Montana that I said I’d stop talking about. We complain, but we’re doing just what they want: buying Christmas presents in October.

I just wonder why this doesn’t happen to other seasons. Why can’t you find a Derby hat in March? Or Valentine’s Day decorations in October? Or Arbor Day decorations … anytime?

I hereby call for equal opportunity seasonal creep!

--I cannot be more excited about Tommy Tuberville starting his first season at the helm of the UC Bearcats. I have been a fan since I spent a few years covering him in the mid-90s when he was at Ole Miss. His first game is a sellout, people! Here’s hoping for a whole bunch more. BTW, he hasn’t named a starting quarterback yet. The suspense! UC vs. Purdue , Saturday, 12 p.m., Nippert Stadium.

--If you're used to getting this newsletter emailed to you, don't worry -- it'll be in your inbox someday soon. The smarties on our web team are figuring out a way for it to work with our new website. Stay tuned!

From Today’s GMTS:

-Mad? Brainstorm!: New study says that if brainstorming while you’re in a foul mood will bring about better ideas. Hmm. So maybe your boss is being mean to you on purpose. Reward him/her with some great ideas.

-Ahh, Reds: They fell to the Cardinals last night (again). I am not giving up. I still have high hopes for this team. But these guys have to find a way to beat good teams. They’re still mathematically in the mix, but they are 4-10 against St. Louis this season. That’s not going to get you very far.

-Facebook Reminder: My old Facebook page is no more. Bit the dust. Put out to pasture. Kaput. Gone the way of parachute pants and classrooms with actual wooden desks. So to keep up with my ramblings and such, click here and like the new page. (Thank you!)

It’s also there that a pretty heated discussion is happening about new healthy school lunches and the fact that some schools are opting out of the federal program because too many kids they’re losing money. Join in .

Today’s Distracting Link:

After a while, this just gets gross. So use in moderation.

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