GMTS Newsletter: Tuesday Morning Musings

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ah, Tuesday. You still reek of Monday. Maybe that's why today deserves some musings.

Tuesday Morning Musings from the mind of Kathrine.

-I will never have to buy another plastic egg as long as I live. I think I've only bought a dozen in my entire life, and yet each year, they multiply into 1,000. Something to do with those Easter bunnies, I'm sure.

-Jungle Jim's regular blend bulk coffee is delicious. Almost worth making the 45-minute trip just to get it.

-Have you read this ? "Missing" star Ashley Judd responds to the rumors that she has a puffy face, or botched plastic surgery. I'll admit – when is aw the promos, I thought, "Wow. Ashley Judd is playing the mom of an adult." But after that initial shock, you have to admit she looks fantastic. Does she look like he did in the mid-90s? No. Not even close. Who among us does? We are a caustic and judgmental audience, aren't we?

-First, let me point out that I understand the wonderful things that Easter means to many groups, both religious and secular. But allow me to present to you a list of the worst things about Easter.

          - Easter grass. Worst stuff ever. Its longevity is even more impressive than Christmas tree pine needles. You will step on a stray piece in mid-October and you will wonder why you didn't see it until then. We very nicely asked the Easter bunny several years ago not to bring it to our house. He/she has since obliged.     

          - Hollow Chocolate Easter bunnies. They're teases, plain and simple. Like the sound of an ice cream truck three blocks away. Or that bag of Cheetos dangling precariously from the little metal thingys after you've given the vending machine your 65 cents. Curse you, hollow bunny. May your life be as empty as your body.

          - Non-Jelly Belly or Starburst jelly beans. The rest are tasteless blobs of chewy wax. Do not try to change my mind on this.

          -White Patent Leather Shoes: According to Southern fashionism, girls under the age of 12 are allowed to break them out (and in) for the first time on Easter Sunday. The problem is, after one wearing, they get those nasty black scuff marks on them. So my kids opted for silver instead. Traditional? Not exactly. But they'll definitely wear them more.

Enjoy your Tuesday. Remember, a new Cougar Town is on tonight. That should get you through.

From Today's Show:

-DWTS in Three Words: What's going on? Lots of injuries. Melissa Gilbert's okay. Went to hospital. Concussion and whiplash. Maks – ease up! Maria's hurt, too. Foot stress fracture. Dancing: contact sport. Donald's in first. Who's leaving tonight? I've a theory. It involves transportation. A midnight train.

-Interest in Pinterest: As social networks go – we know Facebook is #1, Twitter is #2 … now Pinterest is #3. I totally get it. It's ridiculously addictive. And prefect for everything from planning a 6-year-old's rainbow blast party to finding the right hairstyle to inspiration for a new kitchen design. And yes. I've done two of the three.

Today's Distracting Link:

Put laser eyes on any photo.

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