GMTS Newsletter: Stop tweeting, start living

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

There are a few transgressions that are just too flagrant to forgive.

Using the wrong their/there, an empty row in the vending machine where the M&Ms used to be, and a husband with his eyes on his phone, live tweeting his child’s birth.

That pretty much covers it.

I woke up this morning and checked Twitter, and that’s where I found Extra host Mario Lopez, tweeting as his wife was about to have their son.

The irony is, that as I was checking to see what I missed while I was sleeping, I was actually witnessing – across the country - what Lopez was missing right there in front of him in the hospital room.

Now, I’m not sure the arrangement these two have. Maybe she told him it would be perfectly fine for him to type details about what’s going on in her uterus to random strangers. Seems plausible.

You decide. Here’s what he wrote:

“This anticipation is killing me... #BabyLopezNumber2.”

Then three minutes later:

“It's a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please welcome Dominic Lopez to the world! Couldn't be happier...  @CourtneyMLopez & baby are doing just fine... :)

I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure there was a fair amount of action going on in those three minutes. You know, the three minutes during which she gave life to a human being. The three minutes that they became a family of four. The three minutes when he thought it was a good idea to keep his phone in hand, at the ready.

Three minutes. That’s how long it look for someone being blessed with one of the most amazing and precious moments in life to want to stop experiencing it so that he could type the news to total strangers.

And just as A.C. Slater wasn’t the only mulletted, jheri-curled teenager in the 80s, Lopez isn’t alone.

When did we stop experiencing life and start watching it through a four-inch screen? When did we stop enjoying these special moments and start sharing them as they are happening?

There’s a backlash now to in-the-moment tweeting, picture taking, videoing, Facebooking, whatever. My husband is 100% anti-any-of-it.

If it were up to him, we’d have only wedding pictures and studio pics of our kids. Of course, I think he’s wrong. That’s my sworn duty as a wife. Pretty sure it was in the vows.

But he’s got a point. Living life through a camera lens, saying “Ohh, do that again! I missed it!” isn’t how this is supposed to play out.

I love those Facebook posts that read, “Making a snowman with the kids!” No, you’re not. You’re typing about making a snowman with the kids.

But it’s hard to define when a singular experience should become a shared one.

This weekend I was watching the UC game, and after the refs reversed Munchie Legeaux’s touchdown, I grabbed the iPad and immediately hopped on Twitter to make sure I wasn’t the only one who thought this was the worst decision since ABC cancelled Happy Endings.

I wasn’t. And there I was, along with dozens of others, spouting off about how wrong I thought the call was, too.

When Homer Bailey threw his no-hitter this year, I celebrated with the rest of Reds Nation with a tweet. Why? Well, it’s not like I can go and shake the man’s hand. It’s something akin to yelling at the TV screen during a Bengals game.

Is this use of social media any better? Somehow, in my mind – yes. Watching a college football game on TV and watching a life you helped create come into this world are in two different universes.

So open both eyes, take a look beyond your phone’s screen and actually see what you’re seeing.

That’s the memory preserved.

What do you think? Let me know on my new Facebook page. That’s right. I’m asking you to weigh in on whether social media can sometimes go to far … on social media. Run with it. #hypocrite

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