GMTS Newsletter: Sick of the ads?

Friday, Nov. 2, 2012

Four days. We just have to make it through four days.

I get it. We're all sick of the incessant political commercials. We all feel like this girl about the bickering between Bronco Bamma and Mitt Rom-iney.

But I don't think many of us have any idea how different it is here than it is other places in the nation.

I checked our station log just for today. It lists every single commercial we'll air on Channel 9. How many are political in nature??


By comparison, that's a TON. In a state like Tennessee, Texas, or Oregon? They might get 1/4 of that. So that makes us 3/4 more frustrated by them.

You've heard it by now. Ohio is a swing state – maybe the most important one. And that's why it feels like Obama and Romney should just rent a couple of apartments in Mt. Lookout and be done with it. They'd save money in the long run, considering how many nights they've spent in hotels here.

But even though we all may be sick of the ads, the rhetoric, the sniping and the twisting of words, I hope this doesn't become so pervasive that people use it for an excuse not to vote.

I don't know about you, but I know a whole lot about the presidential race and about races for Congress, but there are those smaller races that we'll have the option of voting on Tuesday – and it's those races that many of us know very little about.

So, here's your homework for the weekend: check your Board of Elections website (here's where you can find yours if you live in Hamilton Co. , Butler Co. , Warren Co. , Clermont Co. , Kenton Co. , Boone Co. , Campbell Co. ). You can find a sample ballot, to see exactly what it is you'll be voting on. Study it, figure it out and so your civic duty.

My civics teacher Mama approved this message.

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