GMTS Newsletter: Shopping shaming

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, bashing Macy’s, Penney’s, Kohl’s, Toys R Us, Target and more for opening on Thanksgiving night.

It’s a case of shopping shaming.

The opinion is a valid one. Why should we take time away from the one day a year where we are supposed to give thanks for the blessings in our life and fight crowds to buy a new TV?

I accept that.

Listen, you may love your family. I do. They’re fantastic. But not everyone is so lucky. Plenty of us are saddled with less-than desirable branches of the family tree.

Crazy Aunt Gertrude. That one uncle who talks incessantly about his fantasy football team. The cousin who comes hopped up on old muscle relaxers and white zinfandel. The family that shows up late and wants to cook their side dish in your already overflowing oven. Or even a diva-like morning anchor in the mix who refuses to eat anything pumpkin-y. Or orange. None of this plays well on Thanksgiving.

Besides, plenty of people have to work on Thanksgiving, not just retailers. And as someone who did so for years, I’ll tell you – nothing was open. Nothing. Hardly a restaurant, a grocery store, a coffee shop. It would have been nice to leave work and hang out with a few hundred of my closest friends, all of us somehow brought together by our tryptophan high and stocking stuffer searching.

Before that, there were many a Thanksgiving – and a Christmas, for that matter, where my rather small family ate an early afternoon Thanksgiving lunch.

So by 8:00 p.m. we were full and sassy and pretty much tired of staring at everyone else. You know what would have been great right about then? Getting a sweet deal on a pair of shoes.

But that wasn’t an option. Instead, for years people went to bed early on Thanksgiving night, getting up early for Black Friday sales. Where was the public outcry then? Weren’t we taking time away from a revered holiday to get in a quick couple of hours of sleep before spending a paycheck on the latest must-have kids toys?

Sure, you can point to the commercialization of Christmas. That’s not going anywhere, whether stores open at 8 p.m. or stay closed through the following Monday. The bottom line is that stores wouldn’t open their doors if we weren’t willing to open our wallets.

Besides, one of the greatest bonding experiences people can have is finding that big deal. I’m still talking about the $68 tie I scored for $7 last year and how it went so well with the $17 dress shirt I got 80% off.

So lay off the stores. Because they’re only doing what we want them to.

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