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Wednesday, August 21th, 2013

Morning, all.

So I’ve been on kind of a grand people-watching tour of the Tri-State, no guides or binoculars needed. I’m using it as kind of an anthropological study.

In the last couple weeks, I’ve been from Findlay Market to the Richwood Flea Market, from the Western & Southern Open to the Burlington Antique Show.

Let me share with you my findings.

Richwood Flea Market : It’s a flea market in the outer suburbs, so you have your bargain hunters, your collectors and your general country folk. I fit right in. And it was crowded, which surprised me on a beautiful Saturday. The booths are positioned in a catacomb of sorts and range from mini bodegas to produce stands to collectible or knife shops. You can buy old school video games, wax tarts, stuffed animals, old newspaper clippings, knock-off purses and belts - lots of belts – and everything in between.

Findlay Market: It should be noted that we might be the first Tri-Staters to ever drive directly from the Richwood Flea Market to Findlay Market. The hustle and bustle was the same, but the vibe is totally different, as you might expect. At Findlay, you see people from the neighborhood hurriedly buying their meat and vegetables for the week, alongside transplants from the ‘burbs scoping out the scene and parking it at the new beer garden. Hipsters are trying to make sure their selections are still cool (but not too cool, or they’ll have to pass), while newbies are just trying to take it all in. Farmers, gourmet ice cream makers, spice merchants, sushi rollers, gyro stands and bakers all coexist in a foodie microcosm. There is one common denominator here: reusable bags. Everyone’s got ‘em.

Western & Southern Open : I have a bit of a love affair with this event, I’ll admit. There’s nothing about it I don’t like. I take that back- there’s one thing. It’s always scheduled for the same week as my kids start school, so it’s tough to get out to more than one session. But other than that, it’s darn near perfect – and somehow manages to get better every year. People watching here is just as great. You have those folks who apparently think they could be called into action on the court at any point, so they come in full tennis regalia. The only thing missing is spare tennis balls in their pocket. During the day, you have those tennis folks, along with people dressed for survival. It’s hot as Hades most W&S weeks, and the attire is reflective of that. But in those evening sessions – things change. Things get a bit dressier. You might even see sequins. But most of those people are headed to air-conditioned corporate tents or the new wine or champagne bars. Not that I’m complaining. Fancy Sports Fan is a rarely seen specimen.

Burlington Antique Show : This one requires the most walking of all four, and it’s outside with no shade to be found for days, so you see most people dressing for comfort and not much else. You can find lots of great deals here – I’ve bought everything from a necklace to a carved wood mantle – but it is time consuming. I’m one of those who wants to see it all, for fear that I’ll miss something great. You can spot the hard-core antiquers a mile away. They all roll around (antique, of course) metal carts with handmade quilted inserts for their treasures. I used a canvas Kroger bag. No one moves quickly here – it’s meant for browsing. Everywhere you turn, you hear memories. A board game someone had as a kid, their grandma’s china pattern, the vanity they always coveted. Tons of furniture, jewelry bits and pieces and old glassware – including the complete set of glasses featuring McDonaldland gang. I had to tear myself away from it.

From Today’s GMTS:

-Back to School: You hear that? It’s parents across the Tri-State celebrating that today is the first day of school. Lots of school went back to school this morning, including Forest Hills, Norwood, Oak Hills, Clermont Northeastern, Mason City Schools, Edgewood, Fairfield, Western Brown, Newport, Reading, New Miami Local, St. Bernard/Elmwood Place, Franklin (OH), Carlisle Local, Wayne Local, Finneytown, Lebanon and the area’s biggest district, Cincinnati Public.

If it weren’t for having to pack lunches every night, this would warrant a celebration.

-Facebook Reminder: I started a new page, and it just isn’t the same without you. Please click here , like the new page and enjoy. That is all.

Today’s Distracting Link:

If there’s one thing that gets me to click a story online, it’s a list of stuff. So here, for you – a bunch of top 10 lists – with apologizes to David Letterman.

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