GMTS Newsletter: Monday Morning Musings

Monday, Jan. 28, 2013

The time has come, my friends – for Monday Morning Musings.

-Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. If there was a National Bubble Wrap Association, and if they were soliciting slogans, and if they thought I was half as clever as I think I am, I could help them out. Here's what I've come up with:

Good til the last pop.

It's cheaper than therapy.

Once you pop, you can't stop

Snap and Crackle: not needed.

Pop it like it's hot.

Can you hear me now?

-This Memphis girl saw the musical "Memphis" this weekend at the Aronoff . The music, the actors, the staging and my goodness – the singing – was fantastic. I strongly suggest it. And I will neither confirm nor deny the presence of tears streaming down my face during "Memphis Lives in Me."

I defy anyone to listen to a song about their hometown and not get a bit misty. I'm pretty lucky that my hometown is Memphis: it's in literally dozens of songs. So that's a lot of opportunity for tears.

I'll tell you the one that gets me right now – and it only mentions Tennessee. It's Brad Paisley's "Southern Comfort Zone." If he had thrown a "Memphis" in there? Wow. I'd start having to buy stock in waterproof mascara.

- I also noticed how Memphis-centric the Aronoff is over the next few weeks. "Memphis" runs through Feb. 3. A couple days later, in comes Elvis Lives, The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event, on Feb. 9. Then it's "Million Dollar Quartet," which is the true story of a recording session at Sun Studios in Memphis featuring Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

That's a lot of Memphis, and a lot of awesome.

- My husband is what you might call "old school." And by might, I mean, you're required to under penalty of law. He's the guy who would wear a fedora to work if it were socially acceptable.

His theory on preventing the flu is to open the windows to let the germs out. Every one of his pop culture references are pre-1988. For example, he was describing an attractive older lady the other day when he said "I mean, she's no Morgan Fairchild."

He was talking about me watching TV with our kids when said something to the effect of "You should sit down and watch Family Ties together."

And that brings me to this conversation. A couple of years ago, we were watching the Super Bowl and I said, "Do you know who's signing the National Anthem?" And without missing a beat, he replied, "Nope. But I sure hope it's Boz Skaggs."

That was really just a long way of getting to this: Alicia Keys is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl this year. She'll be ridiculously great. But will she go long? Turns out, you can bet on it. An oddsmaker puts the over-under at 40 seconds longer than Kelly Clarkson's version last year.

Do with that what you will.

From Today's Show:

-Locals Make Headlines: How about this weekend for local athletes? A.J. Green is the top player for the AFC in the Super Bowl, Elder grad Kyle Rudolph earned the MVP award. Then in the X Games, 18-year-old Nick Goepper from Lawrenceburg won gold in the ski slope style competition in Aspen. Afterwards, he said "I almost peed my pants."

It doesn't get better than that.

-SAG Awards: We are in the meat of awards season, counting down til the Oscars Feb. 24. Check out last night's SAG Award winners .

Today's Distracting Link:

Make the pipe cleaner (oh, I'm sorry … the politically correct term is "chenille stem") dance.

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